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The Ball Is In Our Court

I can’t stress enough that if progressives, secularists, and freethinkers want political respect and clout, the ball is in our courts.

President Elect Obama is not going to take it upon himself to restore the church-state separation intended by the founding fathers.  He is a religious man himself, and will not turn his back on the Christians without being able to justify it in a way that makes everyone happy.
The ball is in our court.
Atheists, progressives, freethinkers, and secularists represent somewhere between fifteen and twenty percent of the population in America.  For comparison, that’s about the same as the number of Fundamentalist Evangelicals.  Yet, who has all the political power?
The Secular Coalition for America has approximately fifty thousand members, of which only a small percentage contribute anything at all.  There are churches in the DC area that could drum up a million dollars for a cause, and not bat an eye.  Lori Lippman Brown, the nation’s only atheist lobbyist, works on a shoestring budget because you and I, gentle progressives, have not stood up for ourselves and demanded attention from the White House.
The mechanism is in place.  It lacks support.
Learn from the past.  Eight years of religiostupidification, fights over stem cell research, abortion, gay marriage, and evolution is long enough.  Let’s let the religious have their religion, but for the government, no thank you.


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