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Myth, Sexuality, and Culture: Part 2: The influence of the church

Please read THE FIRST PART of this continuing series. Please read THE THIRD PART of this continuing series. The Influence of The Church I’m going to begin my survey more or less at the same time that the first Christian cults appeared, or around 55 CE. However, we need to make some observations about the state … Continue reading

It’s Time For Justified Atheist Anger

First, read THIS BLOG POST. Second, watch this video all the way through. Third, put your fingers to your keyboard and do something about this.  Stand up for yourself. Glenn Beck: Stu: Beck’s Fox Email: Dobson: Online Email Form UPDATE:  Richard Haynes, from Atheist Nexus, has contacted me and assured me that … Continue reading

Myth, Sexuality, and Culture: Part 1

PART 2 PART 3 I’m going to break this entry down into multiple parts, posting one per day, as it is quite long, and on reflection, I think it’s too much to ask readers to spend so much time per day on a blog entry.  To that end, if it seems as if there’s more … Continue reading

Atheist Eve’s Latest

I’ve just discovered Atheist Eve, and I’ve got to say, I like her.  Check out this cartoon, which I should have known about when I wrote my piece on science and knowledge: If there’s one thing that you can count on from theists, it’s that they must, at some point, resort to some kind of … Continue reading

More on Sexual Selection

I’ve explained in a little detail how female selection can cause runaway growth, as in a peacock’s tail or, as it turns out, a human brain.  I’m just going to take a few minutes today to explore one more aspect of the math behind runaway selection. In most sexually reproducing species, there is really no … Continue reading

Belief Despite Understanding The Logic

This is another revisited post from a couple of years ago on another forum. In light of Richard Collins’ comments on my article on science and knowledge, I thought this essay might be a good post for today. Before I let you get to the essay itself, I’d like to make a couple of observations. … Continue reading

Moderate Religion — Two lies in one.

This is an old article of mine that has been revamped a couple of times, but I think is still well worth the read. I hope you enjoy it. ******* One of the most controversial questions among atheists involves moderate theists. Many who identify themselves as simply non-religious would prefer that us outspoken atheists leave … Continue reading

The continuing saga of John Loftus

I have been “temporarily banned” from speaking to John Loftus. Read all about it on his website: I really don’t have a lot to say about it besides this. Which is more disrespectful? To offer harsh but constructive criticism, or to selectively edit, quote mine, and ignore constructive but harsh criticism. I will be … Continue reading

Evolutionary Psychology in Action

In a recent article in Evolutionary Psychology, Brown, Young, Sacco, Bernstein, and Claypool have presented their findings from two studies dealing with social inclusion and mating.  I’m going to attempt to give you the layman’s version and contrast it with the scientific explanation to try to show you how we can think scientifically about our … Continue reading

Evolutionary Arms Races

Natural selection is not good at efficiency. Arms races in nature tend towards pushing the limits of energy absorption, and tend away from energy efficiency. Is this really evidence of intelligent design? Why doesn’t nature seem to have the forethought to do what’s best for itself, instead opting for immediate advantage over long term efficiency? If this author were the designer, things would surely be much different.

Continue reading

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