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Another Loss for Equality

CBC News has reported that Halifax Transit considers the words, “”You can be good without God,” to be too controversial for the public to see.   A spokeswoman made a point of saying that the primary goal of the transit authority is to run buses, and selling ads is a secondary concern.  “So, if anytime we feel there’s a message that could be controversial and upsetting to people, we don’t necessarily sell the ads,” she reports.

Pat O’Brian, president of a non-profit for separation of church and state, made the observation, “”It would be interesting to see what vegans think about the KFC ads. I mean, at what point do you stop offending people?”

The thing that is noteworthy to me about this article is not that atheists are being discriminated against.  Rather, it’s how commonplace discrimination is, and how many people still don’t think this is a big deal.  In the video I posted recently,  the commentator blatantly ridiculed and taunted atheists.  While I was watching (and feeling my blood boil) I wondered what kind of national outrage there would be if he had instead made fun of blacks or women or homosexuals.

It’s still considered ok to marginalize atheists.  Not only that, in many circles, it’s considered one’s civic duty to keep the godless out of government, out of schools, and out of the public eye, lest their heretical ideas corrupt the good people of society.  This is nothing short of a societal disgrace, and I, for one, am tired of it.



One thought on “Another Loss for Equality

  1. I agree: the whole thing is inherently ridiculous.

    There is no slogan more innocuous than “you can be good without God”.

    Posted by Teleprompter | February 10, 2009, 6:27 am

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