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My Top Ten Posts

I’ve just passed 20,000 views, and in light of a substantial upswing in regular readers over the past month, I think I’ll list the ten posts which have garnered the most views since I started the blog.  I’m actually pretty happy with the list.  If I had to pick my own favorites, most of them are in the list.  Anyway, if you haven’t read any of these, why don’t you give them a look?  I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.

10.Portrait of a Vagina Clown Car as a 40 Y

9.Christian Argument Dismantled

8.Conspicuous Consumption

7.Nate Phelps and Me

6.A Fertilized Egg is Not a Human Being

5.Moderate Religion — Two lies in one.

4.Myth, Culture, Sex: Part 3:

Here, I must add that it’s a bad idea to just read part 3.  Please start with parts one and two.  It’s all one article.  I just broke it up because it’s damn long.  Here’s PART 1 andPART 2.

3.Let’s Talk about Breasts

This is the only stinker in the group.  It has the word “breast.”  Chalk it up to human nature.

2.Myth, Sexuality, and Culture

Again, please read all three parts in order.

And the number one post, as voted with the fingers of the readers….  (drumroll)….

1.The Morality of Hell

If I felt like I needed more justification for doing what I do, this would be it.  People are still hung up on hell.  Despite the absurdity of the concept, religion still has a vice-like hold on the minds of far too many people, and Hell is the screw that tightens the vice.

Anyway, thanks to my loyal readers, and particular thanks to people who take the time to comment, whether they agree or disagree.



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