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More on basic epistemology

Over a few posts, I’ve been systematically dismantling the more benign concepts of God by showing that even the most general conceptions of “universal intelligence” or “natural gods” are problematic and epistemologically unsound.  I want to show you today how the same kind of critical thinking can extend far beyond religion. Let’s review the process. … Continue reading

Book Recommendation

A friend of mine has just self-published his first book, and I’d like to encourage anyone with an interest in ancient history, religion, or literature to check it out. Thomas is an autodidact in ancient literature and history, but don’t let that fool you.  This is a meticulously researched and refreshingly honest look at not … Continue reading

Antibiotics and Birth Control Pills

According to LiveScience, it’s a myth that antibiotics screw up birth control pills.  In the unsourced blurb, someone named “Carroll” states: “Many physicians even believe this,” Carroll said. Alone, birth control pills fail about one percent of the time. And that failure rate is unchanged when taken with the vast majority of antibiotics, Carroll said. … Continue reading

Universal Intelligence

In my last post, I explained why so many words used in describing god are literally incoherent because they are being used in ways that don’t have anything to do with their established use.  Life is biological, so describing something as non-biological life is nonsense.  Mind is a product of a brain, so speaking of … Continue reading

The Ultimate Problem With Defining God

Knowledge for humans comes from two sources — firsthand and secondhand.  Firsthand knowledge is direct experience of a thing.  Secondhand, when it comes down to it, is communication of firsthand experience.  We can get more complicated if we like by measuring links in a chain, as in the phone game, but for practical purposes, we … Continue reading

Greta Christina: Religion, Abortion Murder, and Reality Checks

In lieu of posting my own writing, which is still suffering the effects of long work weeks during a recession, I am leaving you in the capable hands of Greta Christina, whose commentary on the recent murder of yet another doctor needs no additional comment from me. Religion has the power to bend the moral … Continue reading

Twitter: Is Remote Viewing Real?

If you’ve never heard of remote viewing, you haven’t listened to enough Art Bell in your life.  Wikipedia explains it pretty well: Remote Viewing (RV), refers to the attempt to gather information about a distant or unseen target using paranormal means or extra-sensory perception. Typically a remote viewer is expected to give information about an object … Continue reading

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