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Shocking News: Investment = Interest

One of the things that has consistently annoyed me about popular reporting of science is the tendency towards overstating the significance of new studies.   Gould’s “destruction of Darwinism” with punctuated equilibrium turned out to be little more than a slight shift of perspective within the existing system.  Just recently, a popular science magazine took … Continue reading

Town Hall Meeting: Healthcare

The Event Recently, I attended a Town Hall style meeting where Rep. Paul Broun was trying to sell his version of healthcare reform and denigrate President Obama’s plan.  Though I live in a red state, the community in my little neck of the woods is substantially more liberal and activist than the rest of the … Continue reading

Religion and Cause: Definitive Proof

I submit to you, dear reader, that ONLY religion could cause behavior this… um… wrong.

Obesity and Cancer

A team of European researchers has announced that cancers linked directly to obesity are on the rise in both Europe and America.  Combine that with decreasing rates of cancer from smoking, and suddenly, obesity could become the leading cause of cancer in the West.  (Article) Scientists aren’t completely sure why obesity causes cancer, but many … Continue reading


I am not a humanist. Yeah, I know that by itself, this sentence is almost meaningless.  Ask a hundred people what it means to be a humanist, and you’ll get fifty or so answers.  So, as with most topics, I’ll start at the beginning, and tell you what humanism means to me.  If you think … Continue reading

Religion and Sex… Again

It’s hardly shocking, but I guess I need to point out that yet another study has linked religious anti-sex nuttery to increased teenage pregnancy. ARTICLE The results are limited in some significant ways.  First, the data was gathered by state.  The results of a 2007 Pew survey of religious attitudes was compared to information from … Continue reading

The Soul — A simple error

At some point in our evolutionary history, pre-humans made an important leap in cognitive ability.  We moved from first order contemplation to second order.  That is, we went from thinking to thinking about thinking.   Before this leap, we were not very much different than most of the animals we’re familiar with — dogs, cats, … Continue reading

Faith: Compounding Errors

Spurred on by my frequent interlocutor, Alison, I’ve been thinking more about precisely how faith screws people up.  Just so we’re on the same page, I’m defining a faith-based belief very specifically as a belief that is held despite evidence to the contrary and/or no evidence in support of it.  Of course, I am pointing … Continue reading

They Might Be Giants: School House Rock v2.0

They Might Be Giants has always been pretty cool.  They just got a lot cooler.  This little ditty is part of their DVD/CD collection geared towards children and called, Here Comes Science.  (Buy it Here.)

Religion, Sex, and Reality

I’ve been thinking a lot over the last few weeks about “The Big Picture.”  For years now, I’ve been on a personal crusade against poor thinking, focusing on two major subjects — religion and sexuality.  It recently occurred to me that I’ve never tried to put into words exactly why I constantly come back to … Continue reading

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