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Religion and Cause: Definitive Proof

I submit to you, dear reader, that ONLY religion could cause behavior this… um… wrong.



5 thoughts on “Religion and Cause: Definitive Proof

  1. notsureifserious.jpg

    Posted by Alison | September 28, 2009, 1:25 am
  2. I need mental floss to clean every bit of that from the nooks and crannies of my brain.

    Posted by G Felis | September 28, 2009, 1:33 am
  3. I started watching this thinking “how bad can it be?”. I understand now. As horrifying as it is, as bad as it is, it’s brilliant in its use of repetitiveness to get stuck in your head. I might want to pour draino or sulfuric acid into my ear to burn it out of my brain.

    Posted by Marcin Druzdzel | September 28, 2009, 4:48 am
  4. *passes out*


    Posted by Dan Gilbert | September 28, 2009, 1:52 pm


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