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250,000 animals sacrificed to bloody goddess

I just don’t know what to say about this.

Hindus are slaughtering 250,000 animals.

Thankfully, the carcasses are sold, and the meat gets used, but there’s still something a little chilling about this.

With up to a million worshippers on the roads near the festival grounds, this year’s fair seems more popular than ever, despite vocal protests from animals rights groups who have called for it to be banned. “It is the traditional way, ” explained 45-year old Manoj Shah, a Nepali driver who has been attending the event since he was six, “If we want anything, and we come here with an offering to the goddess, within five years all our dreams will be fulfilled.” .

Perhaps a little more disturbing is this quote from the article:

Chandan Dev Chaudhary, a Hindu priest, said he was pleased with the festival’s high turnout and insisted tradition had to be kept. “The goddess needs blood,” he said. “Then that person can make his wishes come true.”

So… what to say?  I guess for animal rights activists, this is a mini-holocaust.  I’m an unapologetic carnivore, and no matter how hard I’ve tried, I’ve never come up with a way to eat cooked meat without killing the animal first, so I’m not really having a fit about this.  The meat does get eaten, after all.  Still, there’s something scary about a religious festival this big, centering on a blood sacrifice.

Shouldn’t we be past blood sacrifices?  It’s the 21st century, for crying out loud!




One thought on “250,000 animals sacrificed to bloody goddess

  1. I also strongly condemn slaughtering of animals in the sake of sacrifice. I am a hindu and none in my family has sacrificied an animal. This is not actively practiced by 95% of hindus. There are some sects which practice such things. Anyways, slaughtering animals in the wake of appeasing gods or goddesses is inhumane.

    Posted by sojournertruths | December 2, 2009, 9:41 am

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