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I Have Beaten the Google Gods!

Ok, so the last three hours of my life have been spent wading through one useless link after another. I have been trying to figure out how to put those social network buttons at the bottom of posts. (Look at the bottom of this post.) Through no apparent ingenuity on my part (I’m pretty sure it was just dogged persistence) I finally found step by step instructions for how to do so.

I may know a little bit about science, logic and philosophy, but I’m a blundering neophyte when it comes to making a computer do what I want. I know two or three html codes. That’s it. So this is really a coup for me. The long and short of it is that now you, gentle readers, can press a handy button and stumble, digg, or otherwise promote entries you think are particularly interesting.

Part of the reason for my persistence in this has been seeing the difference in hits when my articles get stumbled vs. when they don’t. A few days ago, a rather innocuous little piece received over 1500 views in one day. I was baffled as to why that might have happened. My most popular articles tend to get around 40 or 50 views a day. It turns out I’d gotten hooked into some kind of stumble loop that I can’t completely explain, but which skyrocketed the number of people who were given the option of clicking through to my site.

So, gentle readers, thanks for your support as always. If you like what I write, please take a minute or two in the future to submit the articles to these social networking sites. It’s a couple of minutes of your time, but it really would mean a lot to me.

add to :: Add to Blinkslist :: add to furl :: Digg it :: add to ma.gnolia :: Stumble It! :: add to simpy :: seed the vine :: :: :: TailRank :: post to facebook



One thought on “I Have Beaten the Google Gods!

  1. Yes Dear. 🙂

    Posted by khan | December 3, 2009, 7:39 pm

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