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The Quest for “Human”

“If I Ever Lose My Faith In You” Sting You could say I lost my faith in science and progress You could say I lost my belief in the holy church You could say I lost my sense of direction You could say all of this and worse but If I ever lose my faith … Continue reading

Markus, the Male Prostitute

It’s a bizarre twist on the gender equality battle.  Last week the Shady Lady Ranch, one of the few legal brothels in America, hired the country’s first legal male prostitute.  “Markus” is a 25 year old college dropout who did a brief stint as a porn star before being hired as a prostitute. The internet … Continue reading

Atheism and Loneliness

I love the show, Mythbusters.  In an age where Americans are some of the most credulous people in the civilized world, it’s refreshing to have a show that’s all about teaching young people the value of critical thinking and scientific investigation.  Perhaps more importantly, I think it’s great that the hosts encourage us to challenge … Continue reading

Humans are Part Virus?

I’ve got to admit. This shocked me. Scientists at UT Arlington have discovered that a significant portion of human genetic material can be traced to viral insertion. To be poetic about it, humans might be 8% virus! This is significant on several levels.  It might have significant implications for the study of Schizophrenia and some … Continue reading

Pat Robertson is a Douche

Pardon me, but fuck this guy in his fuckhole. There are very few things I despise more than people like Pat Robertson who use human tragedy to sell hatred. Especially when it’s hatred disguised as compassion. I really hate that. “Yeah. We love all those poor Haitians, even though they’re instruments of the Devil himself, … Continue reading

14 Deadly Sins

Not that I spend much time keeping up with the Vatican’s Litany of Lunacy, but I’m sorry I missed this when it hit the news last February.  The Unchanging and Forever Perfect Word of God™ has been altered slightly to include new sins that God had apparently not thought of when he wrote the Bible. … Continue reading

What is Reason Based Faith?

In response to my last post, Dean Cameron has made the following snarky reply: Perhaps some of us Religious People should consider taking up Reason-Based Faith! Oh, wait. Some already have! Never mind. I’m actually glad someone said this.  It brings into sharp relief a problem we run into in almost every discussion of religion. … Continue reading

Faith is the Enemy, not Religion

Back in 2008, Paul Bloom wrote an article for Slate that discussed the ongoing debate about atheists vs theists and cultural morality.  I recently re-read Bloom’s article, and was struck by something I glossed over two years ago: Other aspects of religion vary across cultures and across individuals within cultures. There are factual beliefs, such as … Continue reading

Top Ten: Faults in Human Thought

A few days ago, I mentioned some of the more common fallacies of thought exposed by cognitive behavioral therapy.   Today, I stumbled across a really nice blog post highlighting some of these, as well as other common faulty modes of thought.  I’d like to encourage my readers to check out the ORIGINAL POST. Here … Continue reading

Why Do I Hammer Beliefs?

Dodger asks, “So i ask you again, why have you started a blog where you try hammer beliefs, which are neither better nor worse than yours?” It’s a fair question to ask, and I think it’s important enough to answer in a separate blog post. To begin with, let’s be very careful of the language … Continue reading

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