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Don’t Believe Me? Believe Angie

Yeah, I remember self-exorcism.  I tried it a couple of times.  I wish I was alone in my upbringing, but I’m not.  Lots of us exist.  And what’s even scarier is that it’s not all from “fundamentalist parents.”  At my house, we said grace, and religion was always present as a subtext, but my parents didn’t forcibly beat religion into me at home.  The youth ministers, the preachers, the prayer group leaders… those were the ones who indoctrinated me.  My mother sent me to Sunday School at the churches we attended, so for all practical purposes, she endorsed what I was being taught.  When I decided that I needed to send demons away from or out of me, I was mortified of telling anyone that I thought I was possessed.  Because then I’d have to confess the sins of my own mind, and that wouldn’t do.  Because those thoughts were evil, so evil they couldn’t even be spoken without horrible embarrassment.

Indoctrination.  It’s bad, folks.



One thought on “Don’t Believe Me? Believe Angie

  1. I’m so glad there are people like you, Angie and all the others who can eloquently express the damage religious indoctrination does, with first hand knowledge. My own experience being raised by liberal New England Catholics wasn’t anywhere near that kind of insane. Mostly the indoctrination in my childhood was more about adhering to social conventions as dictated by the Church rather than instilling the fear of demons (and science).

    Coming from that background, it’s no wonder my “born-again” phase lasted a few months at most when I was 15. Biblical literalism breeds cruelty and self-loathing, and even then I knew that if gods existed they’d be far more compassionate than humans have shown themselves to be.

    I guess I was never so much a believer as a “hoper” or “wishful thinker,” but never in the existence of the God(s) of the Bible. Only a sociopath would want THAT to be real.

    Posted by Rox1SMF | May 8, 2010, 12:55 pm

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