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Hambydammit Predicted This

On June 11, I wrote this:

What else do you need?  What do you think the “true scandal” is going to be?  The secondary scandal — the institutionalized raping of children — it’s just… you know… secondary.  The real scandal?  What do you think?  Perhaps the need for a return to true Catholic values?  A re-emphasis and commitment to doing what they’ve been doing?  More faith?  More commitment?

Wait for it.  When it comes, remember that I told you so.

July 16 in the New York Times:

There was not much to like in the Vatican’s news conference this week about its pedophilia scandal, but among all the defensive posturing and inept statements, there was one real stunner: The citing of the movement for the ordination of women as a “grave crime” that Rome deems as offensive as the scandal of priests who sexually assault children.

I told you so.



2 thoughts on “Hambydammit Predicted This

  1. Un-effing-believable. Maureen Dowd also wrote a good piece in the Times today. I really wish you’d predict that the Catholic Church would come crashing down.

    Posted by Susan Walsh | July 18, 2010, 4:54 pm
  2. Sadly, the Vatican may actually epitomize “too big to fail”, but I’d happily be proven wrong. Keep up the predictions, Hamby – maybe we can get some of the group working the German octopus to do a study on you.

    Posted by Peter R | July 19, 2010, 1:25 pm

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