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Frivolous Trivia

Here’s some useless trivia about Life Without a Net.

Most Popular Entries

Let’s Talk about Breasts 11,389
The Morality of Hell 8,263
Myth, Sexuality, and Culture 6,334
Sex Scandals 4,147
Gaps in the Fossil Record 3,265
Dating, Mating, Sex, and Reproduction Pa 2,937
Myth, Culture, Sex: Part 3: 2,108
Severity of Threat = Degree of Bullshit? 2,021
Dating, Mating, Sex, and Reproduction Pa 1,985
Conspicuous Consumption 1,741

I find it amusing that the two things which seem to concern readers the most are boobs and hell.  I wonder:  In what percentage of horror movies is the girl with big hooters the first to die?  I wrote “Let’s Talk About Breasts” in February of 2009, and it’s been getting approximately 25 views per day since.  That’s far and away the most of any post.  Typically, my posts get a spike of a hundred or so views per day for three or four days, and then they disappear into archive oblivion.

“Sex Scandals” hasn’t been around nearly as long, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s number two by this time next year.  After all, it’s about sports and sex.  The Dallas Cowboys figured out years ago that if you give men sports and half naked girls, you do a lot better than when you give them just sports.  

Search Terms

Most of my views come through the Networked Blogs app on Facebook.  As of today, I have 662 followers on that app alone.  For a typical blog entry, approximately half of those followers click through within 48 hours of posting.  This accounts for about 80% of my readership.

The other 20% comes mostly from subscriptions (I have 83 subscribers through WordPress), RRS feeds, and Google Searches.  Here are the searches that most often led people to my site last week:

karen sypher 500
hell 86
karen sypher photos 52
34c 44
picture of karen sypher 34
“karen sypher” 29
sypher 25
karen sypher pictures 15
karen sypher images 13
angelina jolie breast photo 13

Karen Sypher anyone?

(Yes, it’s going to amuse me to see this post get a thousand views because I’m tagging it with a photo of Karen Sypher.)

But yeah… once again, women and hell.  Here’s the all-time top ten:

hell 7,947
karen sypher 2,981
sexuality 2,460
herring gull 1,350
gull 1,044
carrie prejean 971
34c 874
natalie portman 764
angelina jolie breast 723
conspicuous consumption 673

What’s especially funny about this list is that I really haven’t written much about hell.  The Morality of Hell is the only article specifically dealing with the subject, but that article alone has brought nearly 8,000 people to my blog!

It’s nice to see a serious subject finally in the top ten.  Almost 700 people are concerned enough to do a web search for articles on conspicuous consumption.

It’s not in the top ten, but the honorable mention needs to go to “Vagina Clown Car Movement,” which was searched almost 500 times.  I didn’t invent the term “Vagina Clown Car.”  But as far as I can tell, I’m responsible for incorporating it into a term of derision for the Quiverfull Movement. And it’s caught on with at least several hundred people.  And for that, I’m proud.

Bra sizes are fairly common hits for me, due entirely to Let’s Talk About Breasts.  If web searches are an accurate indicator of breast size preference, it goes in this order: 34c, 36c, 38d, 44dd.  I’m sorry to inform all the women with 40s or 42s, but nobody cares about your breasts.  Them’s the breaks.


The last few bits of my traffic come from referrals — people clicking on a link to me on someone else’s web page.  I’ve been lax recently and have quit embedding my posts with social networking widgets.  This has apparently been a mistake.  By a factor of ten, the most common referrer has been StumbleUpon.  The truth is that I’m really not very good at computers.  Writing, yes.  Using a keyboard to make webpages do what I want?  Terrifyingly incompetent.  I found some code that allowed me to embed social networking widgets.  That’s the only way I could do it.  And then the hard drive did its best impression of Lindsay Lohan’s career, and I haven’t felt like putting in the hour or so of searching it took me to find the code in the first place.

After Stumble, there’s a near virtual tie for second place.  Married Man Sex Life, Hooking Up Smart, and oddly enough, Our Cheating Ways are all within a hundred clicks of each other.  What’s odd is that I posted one comment on Our Cheating Ways almost a year ago.  Since then, I haven’t even visited the site again (until just now), but apparently my comment piqued curiosity.  There are still five to ten people a week interested enough to click on my name.

If you haven’t visited Married Man Sex Life, you should.  Athol Kay is a proponent of what I like to call Jedi Game — using the power of applied sexual psychology to become the kind of man who not only survives monogamy but actually inspires his partner to new heights of consistent, frequent sexual freaky-deaky-ness.

Hooking Up Smart is Susan Walsh’s take on surviving the Hookup Culture well enough to find self-actualization.  Though she apparently envisioned the project as a clubhouse for girls, it’s turned out that there are a lot of men — including pickup artists — who are actually quite keen to help women find the good guys out there.

As far as outgoing clicks, the people who read my blog are most interested in seeing what PZ Myers and Greta Christina have to say.  That doesn’t surprise me too much.  PZ is… well… He’s PZ.  And he’s very popular.  Greta is like a gay female version of me, at least as far as subject matter and philosophical positions.  (Actually, I think Greta identifies as bisexual… but she’s definitely in a relationship with a woman.)

Final Thoughts

All in all, I’m happy with the way the blog is going.  Would I like to be more popular?  Sure.  But I’ve only been at this for two years now.  (I have been contributing to atheist/science blogs for much longer, but this is my first solo effort.)  In that time, I’ve had 137,500 views, which works out to around 250 views per day.  Breaking it down a little farther, the average last year was 222 per day, and so far this year, it’s 287.  That’s an increase of almost 25%.  Not bad, in my opinion.

I’m also relatively happy with the way people are finding me, and the articles they’re most interested in.  I know that I’m identified as an “atheist blogger,” but for me, atheism has always been secondary to the search for truth.  I know (as well as one can know) that there is no god, but what does that get me?  That’s a dead end.  Ok, there’s no god.  So what now?

That’s what interests me the most.  “What now.”  Rather than focus on what I don’t believe in, I’m more interested in what I do believe in, and more importantly, how I came to those beliefs.  And one of the things I believe is that people are most interested in two things — sex and religion.  So from one perspective, I could be snarky and go about huffing and puffing over how shallow people are.  I mean, geez… all the huge things going on in the world, and my most popular post is about boobs.  I’ve spent weeks researching just to write one blog post, but post a few girls in bras, and readership goes up dramatically.

But I’m ok with that.  Because sex is a big deal, and from an evolutionary perspective, everything really does boil down to sex in the end.  And Christianity (and Islam) are largely about sexual repression and control.  So even if people are thinking with the little head when they search for “34c,” maybe a few of them like the fluffy articles enough to browse around a bit more.  And maybe one of my more serious articles will put something in their heads that they wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

So to the handful of critics who chastise me for the occasional touch of whimsy or sensationalism, I say phooey on you.  Yes, this is a serious blog, and if you do the math, you’ll see that for every article on dating tricks or celebrity scandals, there are at least twenty on serious subjects.  That’s by design.  One of the things I believe is that even when we’re pursuing high minded, serious subjects, we need to take occasional breaks to jump in the fountain and splash around a little.  (Hmmm… interesting imagery, considering the fact that it’s 98 degrees out…)

So.  That’s my take.  What do you folks think?  Which topics do you like the most?  Which do you gloss over or leave without reading?  Is there something I haven’t written about that you think I should?  Are my posts too long?  Too serious?  Not serious enough?

Regardless of any of that, thanks to those of you who spend time with me.  Special thanks to those who’ve taken the time to write me and tell me that I’ve helped them.  That’s the kind of thing that keeps me going and inspires me to put in the time and effort to get my facts straight and do the tedious proof-reading and searching for images and so forth.  Here’s to hoping I can keep this thing going for a long time to come.


4 thoughts on “Frivolous Trivia

  1. Yeah, sex is the best way to get people to your blog.

    Here’s some search terms for mine:

    kari byron boobs 5
    kari byron’s boobs 3
    kari byron breasts 2
    kari byron naked 2
    sex photo 1
    intellect sex 1
    kari mythbusters erotic 1

    But anyway, with all those views per day and the subscribers I’m surprised that you don’t get more comments. I mean Greta and PZ get a lot of comments per post.

    As for me, I usually read every article, but I tend to gloss over the dating ones.

    Posted by cptpineapple | July 31, 2010, 4:55 pm
  2. My ex-wife told me once that I have a way of ending conversations before they begin. As much as I hate to admit it, she had a point. Whether for good or ill, I do have a way of automatically closing off avenues of discussion. So that’s probably part of it.

    Also, my topics tend to be a little more erudite than PZ, who for all his science talk, still engages in a lot of sensationalism. I mean… the whole cracker thing? If anything, my occasional forays into the sensational tend to be geared more towards cultural analysis, not gossip.

    I also tend not to attract theists at all. Other than the intrepid PG, most theists aren’t interested in taking a crack at me. I’d like to think it’s because my arguments are so rock-solid, but deep down I suspect it’s because I avoid theist sites like the plague and don’t engage in any theist-baiting. Maybe I should take one for the team and start a few fights just to get the conversation going. I dunno.

    Finally, there is a good bit of discussion on facebook for a lot of my posts. I don’t really understand this phenomenon, but there are a lot of people who seem perfectly happy to comment on Facebook, but never post on the blog itself.

    Heh… I should take a cue from your blog stats and post a couple of articles about Kari. She’s hot, she’s sexy, she’s an atheist. I should just objectify her and let the sparks fly.

    Posted by hambydammit | July 31, 2010, 5:19 pm
  3. Bizarre to think that my tiny blogroll link gets you decent numbers. But still it all counts!

    My top search term is still “mansex”. Sigh.

    Posted by Athol Kay: Married Man Sex Life | August 1, 2010, 12:48 am


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