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Hitler Was a Jew?

I’ve been chuckling over this story for a good ten minutes now.  Had Hitler lived as an American, he could have been denied the vote because of “black blood.”  Had he lived in an Islamic State, he might have been persecuted for being a Jew.  So say Jean-Paul Mulders and Marc Vermeeren, anyway.

How ironic that in yet another faith based authoritarian ideology, the loudest cries of outrage came from person who was literally the embodiment of the thing he despised.  Eat your heart out, Ted Haggard, you homosexual hating fag.



3 thoughts on “Hitler Was a Jew?

  1. According to my Nazi Germany teacher, in all liklihood Hitler had no jewish ancestry. The “hitler was a jew” meme is based on a belief that Hitler’s grandfather might have screwed around with his jewish servant. From what I know, there isn’t any evidence to support that. It is easy to want to believe it, because it makes Hitler a hypocrite– like that’s anything compared to his actual faults.

    Posted by izam | August 28, 2010, 1:35 am
  2. Sorry, I forgot to even mention the article. It said he was descended from Ashkenazi (lol ashkeNAZI) lineage. Arent a large portion of Europeans descended from them? It seems like a jump to say that he was jewish, when he was as jewish as Stephen Colbert, who also has Ashkenazi heritage. the article also does nothing to substantiate the affair between his grandfather and the maid.

    Posted by izam | August 28, 2010, 1:42 am
  3. I’ve read about it before. I’ve also read it was classic propaganda too. Like Caligula being a completely out of control perv (normal political smear at that time in Rome to label your enemies) or Catherine the Great being crushed to death by a horse she was attempting to have sex with…or for that matter Cleopatria blowing 100 of her soldiers in one sitting.

    Classic character assasination of political opponents.

    It would be awesome if he was part jewish though wouldn’t it? I’m descended from Ashkenazi Jews from way back btw.

    Posted by Watcher | August 28, 2010, 6:41 am

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