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Stephen Hawking vs. Theology

Thanks to Al Stefanelli for this handy comparison of the qualifications of Stephen Hawking vs. the theologians who are all rushing to condemn him for his pronouncement that modern astrophysics has progressed sufficiently to explain the universe without the need for a magic creator deity. Here’s what theologians study: Old Testament Survey Ancient Near Eastern … Continue reading

Gender Gap: It’s All About Cheating

One of my favorite relationship bloggers, Susan Walsh, has been speculating on the causes and effects of what is called the “hookup culture” for quite some time.  In a nutshell, the debate hinges on the expectations of the socio-sexual marketplace versus the emotional and evolutionary sexual drives of women who are apparently engaging in numerous … Continue reading

Defective Products

A few days ago, I was walking through the toy aisle in a well known supermarket.  I confess that even as an adult, I still like to look at the action figures from movies I loved as a child.  I can even forgive George Lucas for the last three Star Wars movies for a moment … Continue reading


I’ve been thinking a bit about heaven, and I do not think it’s a place I want to go.  That may seem like an odd thing to say, but I’ve given it plenty of thought.  Here are the main reasons I don’t want to go to heaven: Forever is too long. I get bored when … Continue reading

Atheist Agnostics

Our hypothesis is that, even beyond our sample, the majority of agnostics are, in fact, atheists and that many would so self-identify if given the opportunity to qualify their commitment. I’ve said this for quite some time, and now there’s some significant data to back up the claim.  The preliminary findings from the study “Beyond … Continue reading


I’ve been watching a really interesting series called The Universe.  It’s one of the better space documentaries I’ve seen.  This morning I watched the episode on moons, and it got me thinking. When I was in school, there were nine planets and oh, I don’t know… maybe 25 or so moons, scattered through the solar … Continue reading


To read Part I of Kavi’s Quest, go HERE For the commentary, go HERE. Kavi was relieved to be back at sea.  After leaving the people who worship the God Who Dwells in the Mountain, he found that he’d learned a lot from his first seafaring voyage.  He was beginning to notice that the stars … Continue reading


My father loved to parachute.  Give him a free afternoon and a plane, and he’d find a way to jump out of it.  He loved the exhilaration, the adrenalin, the feeling of freedom.  And there was the anticipation.  He loved liftoff and the slight jump in his stomach when there was nothing holding him to the … Continue reading

The Atheist and the Christian

If my previous post seems a bit out of the ordinary, it’s because it is.  A new reader is a born again Christian and has done me the honor of inviting me to the National Conference on Christian Apologetics next month.   I’ve happily accepted.  The list of speakers is very impressive.  Check it out … Continue reading

A Parable of Knowledge

avi was born in a small village on a small island in a large sea.  His childhood was tranquil and carefree.  He learned how to fish and how to farm and pilot a boat, and when he had mastered these trades, he learned how to dance and sing.  Life was good. But something tugged at … Continue reading

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