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Darrel Ray: There Are No Monotheists

There are no Monotheistic Religions: Educating Monotheists to Their Polytheist Beliefs By Darrel W. Ray, Ed.D. ©2010 In everyday life, we non-theists may find ourselves in discussions with theists. Have you noticed that these discussions often go around in circles and achieve nothing? Why is that? Let me suggest that one reason is because we … Continue reading

Book Review: The Religion Virus

I don’t say this about very many books, but Craig A. James’s The Religion Viruscan facilitate a wholesale change in the way we think about religion. By itself, it stands strong and makes a great argument. When it works together with the already growing “God Virus” meme, it forms a powerful meme-plex, and gives us a … Continue reading

Suffering and Evolution

(Originally posted March, 2009) When I was born, Sociobiology had yet to be published.  By the time I began my first year of “life science” in school, it was still being talked about only in the most erudite of academic circles.  By the time I reached college, inklings of the dangers inherent in a sociobiological approach … Continue reading

What if God’s Wrong?

I want to turn the classic question around for a bit.  Christians are famous for asking atheists — “What if you’re wrong?”  (And there are lots of great answers for that question.  I linked to one of the most famous.)  But I want to contemplate for a moment — What if God is wrong? All this … Continue reading

“Natural God”?

With apologies to Nick, who is certain that he has the secret to The One True and Irrefutable Version of God, Specifically As It Relates To His Son, the Certainly Resurrected Jesus, Who Is the Same As Him™, I’ve recently come to realize that there are some theists who would like to avoid the incoherency of … Continue reading

Kalam and the Immaterial

I haven’t spent much time on this site talking about the Cosmological Argument.  Primarily, I avoid it because it’s not especially relevant to most people, and secondarily, because it’s kind of old hat.  Even Kant’s objections have never received a satisfactory reply. But over the past week, I’ve been pummeled by this argument from several … Continue reading

The Problem of Evil and Moral Accountability

I don’t spend much time talking to theists about the problem of evil.  It doesn’t really address the existence of God, which is most often the topic of choice when atheists and theists get together.  (Consider, even if God is responsible for great evil, he might still exist, and just be a pretty rotten deity, as … Continue reading

Confuse and Conquer

Our concern with Greek Ethics did not originate with Aristotle, but we must look to him as the first well-recorded source.  For those of you who have read Nichomachean Ethics (especially if you’ve done so in the original Greek), you know precisely what I’m talking about when I say that the whole thing revolves around … Continue reading

Claims and Counter-Claims

I’d like to offer you a quick example of the kind of flip I am seeing repeatedly in comment threads recently. Suppose I invite you to my house and show you an object you’ve never seen before.  It’s roughly spherical, about a foot in radius, and shiny.  Beyond that, you can’t really tell by looking … Continue reading


As an addendum to my presentation of morality, here’s a brief explanation of why the concept of sin (as opposed to morality) is a nonsense term, and why it adds no value to any discussion of ethics. Like so many other religious concepts, Sin is nonsense. Let’s start from the beginning.  How does Christianity define … Continue reading

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