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Insane Clown Posse: The Next Jerry Fallwell

I am speechless.  I can’t even think of anything to say about this.  Just read it.  But make sure you have a helmet on.  You’re going to be banging your face on the wall for a long time.

Fuck it, we got to tell.

All secrets will now be told

No more hidden messages

…Truth is we follow GOD!!!

We’ve always been behind him

The carnival is GOD

And may all juggalos find him

We’re not sorry if we tricked you.

That’s right, folks.  The last twenty years of being… well… Insane Clown Posse… have been a covert effort at winning souls for the god Jesus.  I still think this has to be a colossal joke.  But it’s not the Onion.  It’s the Guardian.




4 thoughts on “Insane Clown Posse: The Next Jerry Fallwell

  1. I dont believe these guys know Jesus any more than you do. I believe it is a joke. If they were for real then they would not be saying the foul things they do.

    Posted by Rick B | October 10, 2010, 2:00 pm
  2. Ha ha. The days of me taking them seriously are over. What a couple of clowns.

    Posted by Ian | October 10, 2010, 4:08 pm

    Posted by cptpineapple | October 10, 2010, 4:15 pm
  4. This band sucks

    Posted by Jon Wilson | October 11, 2010, 2:31 pm

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