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Pope: Condoms ok for gay sinners, not straights

In a rather shocking twist of faiththink, der Popenfurer has decided that it might be ok some of the time for male prostitutes to use condoms.  But the church is still against condoms, and they don’t help decrease the spread of AIDS.  Unless you’re a male prostitute.  Or something.

…the statement was something of a milestone for the church and a significant change for Benedict, who faced intense criticism last year when, en route to AIDS-plagued Africa, he said condom use did not help prevent the spread of AIDS, only abstinence and fidelity did.  LINK

Far be it from me to suggest that maybe the Holy See has gotten in a bit over his head, but how else can we look at this?  The facts are in, and they’re indisputable.  The Catholic Church’s stance on condoms is morally impermissible.  The evidence for condom effectiveness is staggering.  (I recall a study several years ago with 122 couples with one HIV positive partner in which exactly zero transmitted the disease over an entire year of sexual activity.)  When the Pope says condoms don’t stop AIDS, he is quantifiably, qualifiably, morally, and in all other ways wrong.

And frankly, I think male prostitutes ought to be pretty outraged at this latest public policy gaffe.  The Church is effectively saying that it doesn’t give a rat’s ass about gays or prostitutes.  Since they’re so morally bankrupt that they are beyond redemption, they might as well use condoms to keep themselves from getting AIDS?  Really?  But good straight people, no way.  They ought to have the moral integrity to sleep with exactly one person for their entire life, and have a baby any time they get the chance.

Pardon me, but what kind of a rotting afterbirth of a conscience do you have to have to think that this policy shift is a good idea in any way?  This is just a last ditch effort by a flailing, ineffective Pope to hang onto one of the most hideously immoral doctrines given to us by Christianity.  He doesn’t deserve a bit of slack or any credit for this.






4 thoughts on “Pope: Condoms ok for gay sinners, not straights

  1. Let me see…

    What percentage of Gay Male prostitutes lie awake at night wondering whether the Pope approves of their Condom use?

    This ethical non sequitar would suggest that maybe his holiness is getting a little demented.


    Posted by eheffa | November 22, 2010, 5:00 pm
  2. Shockingly, Evan, I’ve known a lot of gays (though admittedly not gay prostitutes) who have some pretty serious feelings about their Jesus worship. It seems odd to me, but I don’t suppose we should discount the power of indoctrination, even when it is directed towards someone who’s supposed to be morally depraved.

    Posted by hambydammit | November 22, 2010, 5:02 pm
  3. I’ve heard a different account of this that makes more sens to me. It’s not that the Pope is claiming that it is okay for male prostitutes to use condoms, as that would seem to be giving tacit support for male prostitution. It’s that the Pope says that situations where it would seemingly be okay to use condoms should indicate that what you’re about to do is wrong.

    So, this statement applies to straight individuals as well. If you’re thinking of using a condom and you’re married. No, that’s wrong, because it would deny a child life (and prevent Jesus’ second coming). If you are unmarried it would be wrong, as that’s premarital sex. It’s a new heuristic to apply to be a good person in Christ. Are you about to use a condom, if so, what you are doing is helping cement an eternity in hell.

    Posted by MKandefer | November 22, 2010, 7:08 pm

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