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Facebook Update

Facebook appears to be unyielding in their decision to disable my Hambydammit account.  So I’m starting from scratch.  My observation that the same reasoning they used to disable this account would have disabled Mark Twain or Anais Nin didn’t seem to phase them.  Apparently, if you’re not really famous, a pen name doesn’t do.  So I get to try to build back up to where I was — approximately 3000 Facebook friends and over 750 Networked Blogs followers.

If you were friends with me on Facebook, or if you would like to be, scroll down the left sidebar until you see the Networked Blogs Icon.  It looks something like this:

Click on it, and you’ll be taken to my Facebook page where you can simply click “Follow” and receive updates on Facebook whenever I publish a new entry.  (You can also rate my blog, which helps!)  If you’re not friends with me, you can also click on my new profile there and request friendship.

Also, don’t be afraid to use the “suggest friends” option if you send me a friend request.  There’s a group of atheists on Facebook who pretty much all have the same 3000 friends.  There’s a good chance that I was friends with some or even most of your friends if you’re building an atheist network.

A couple of words of warning are in order, though.  I don’t debate on Facebook.  It’s a way for me to network, and that’s it.  (And yes, I’m a Farmville addict.  Sue me.)  So if you’re a theist and you just want to post insulting or harassing comments, save yourself the trouble.  I have a “block first, ask questions if I feel like it” attitude towards that sort of thing.  If you’ve got something to say to me, say it here.

So… commence with the clicks, please.  Thank you.  🙂




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