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The Wisconsin Teacher Tidbit of the Day

That’s Greg Jennings.  These days, he sports a $16,000 Superbowl ring, and good for him.  He had a banner season.  As a wide receiver, pretty much his only job is to run down the field and catch the ball when it’s thrown to him.  He did that 76 times last season.  In all, he ran for 1265 yards.  By all accounts, it’s a damn fine output for a wide receiver.  For his efforts, he was paid $16,251,300.

By comparison, new teachers in Wisconsin start at $25,000 per year.  That’s enough to buy a Superbowl ring!  The average for the state is $46,000 and change.

A teacher’s primary job is to educate students.  If we (for convenience) say that each teacher averages 30 students per class, for 180 days per year, we get the following:

$46,000 ÷ 180 days ÷ 30 students = $8.50 per student taught per day.

Greg Jennings, on the other hand:

$16,251,300 ÷ 76 catches = $213,832.90 per catch.


$16,251,300 ÷ 1265 yards = $12,846.88 per yard.


If we took JUST Greg Jenning’s salary (The Green Bay Packers’ team salary is $113,959,603), we could pay 353 teachers.




2 thoughts on “The Wisconsin Teacher Tidbit of the Day

  1. If people had nothing to do with their time, they’d go on a rampage, killing, maiming and raping. So people like Greg Jenning who entertain us, and therefore are responsible from preventing the greater mass of people of doing great damage, do a greater service to society than any single ordinary teacher.


    Posted by LM | February 23, 2011, 11:44 am
  2. Wait, what’s Greg Jennings’ batting average? Is it worth 16 million?

    Posted by cptpineapple | February 24, 2011, 3:08 am

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