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Brandon Davies. Skewed Religious Morality… Again

If you hadn’t heard, or if sports isn’t your thing, this young man is named Brandon Davies.  His basketball career at Brigham Young University is over.  He didn’t break any laws, or miss practice, or talk back to the coach, or anything like that.  He had consensual sex with his girlfriend.

BYU has a very strict honor code, based almost entirely on Mormon moral teachings.  Besides celibacy, players are required to abstain from alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco.  They also have to attend church regularly.

There’s a good chance that Davies will have to leave the university entirely.  His case is under review to determine if he will be expelled.  For having consensual sex.  With his girlfriend.

Now, before I go off all half-cocked blasting on BYU, I should concede a few points:  Nobody forced Davies to attend BYU.  He agreed to abide by the honor code.  He knowingly broke the honor code.  BYU is completely within its rights to kick him off the team.

That being said, the honor code is retarded in a way that only a religious code could manage.  These are not children we’re talking about here.  Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and sex are all perfectly legal.  (To be fair, alcohol is still illegal for Davies, but that’s not what he got busted for…)  While there are arguments to be made about the harmful effects of the drugs, there is nothing wrong with having sex.  In fact, it’s been repeatedly demonstrated that male athletes who have sex before events perform better.  

I’m reminded of the video I posted a few days ago, where a family wouldn’t take $20 to cross out the word “God” on a fifty cent sign, even knowing they could just make another sign, and even with the express caveat that they didn’t have to renounce god or become atheists.  All they had to do was cross out the word.

This kind of absolutism is what has now effectively ruined BYU’s season.  Here are the standings as of today:

1 Ohio State (45) 27-2 1,602
2 Kansas (14) 27-2 1,554
3 Brigham Young (5) 27-2 1,460
4 Duke (1) 26-3 1,380
4 Pittsburgh 25-4 1,380
6 Purdue 24-5 1,305
7 Texas 24-5 1,216
8 Notre Dame 23-5 1,173
9 San Diego State 27-2 1,151
10 Wisconsin 22-6 1,040

They would be looking pretty good at 27-2, except that the second loss was their first game without Davies, and they lost to a pretty pathetic New Mexico team.  It remains to be seen just how much impact his absence will have, but all the pundits are quick to point out that he was pretty much their only inside scoring threat, and he’s been their best rebounder all season.

There’s just nothing to do about it.  BYU will continue to plod through with blinders on, pretending at first world academic and scientific relevance while ignoring anything that disagrees with their religion’s creed.  Oh, and also losing their best shot at an NCAA title in quite a few years.



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