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Are Christians Obeying Jesus?

Many of the self-described “rational Christians” I encounter tell me that the secret of the modern Christian’s success is following the words of Jesus.  You see, the Old Testament was the Old Covenant.  We are living under a new covenant.  The words of Jesus trump the words of Jesus nee Yahweh.

Is it true?  Do Christians really obey Jesus?

I dare say they do not.  Jesus’ words are contradictory and ultimately rather boneheaded.  Granted, if “true Christians” really did sell everything they owned and live in penury, I’d be a lot happier.  They wouldn’t have enough money to run for office or spend millions of dollars supporting their “loving” political agenda.

It would also be nice if Christians obeyed Jesus’ specific command not to return lawsuits, but to instead give what the suer asked PLUS more.  I’ve got a beef or two with several phenomenally wealthy Christians.  It would be nice if they actually obeyed their god.

As this video illustrates, the New Testament isn’t any more coherent than the Old, and it’s the height of cherry-picking to suggest that it makes any more sense as a moral and cultural guide.  At best, it’s a recipe for third-class citizenship and misery.  At worst, it’s an invitation to unrestrained “interpretation” to make it fit whatever the believer wants to accomplish in life.




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