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Judge Allows Death Threats Against Abortion Doctors

Thousands of people are already looking into your background, not just in Wichita, but from all over the U.S. They will know your habits and routines. They know where you shop, who your friends are, what you drive, where you live. You will be checking under your car everyday-because maybe today is the day someone places an explosive under it.

We will not let this abomination continue without doing everything we can to stop it.

This is the letter received by Dr. Mila Means, the first doctor brave enough to offer abortions in Wichita since Dr. George Tiller was murdered almost two years ago.

Angel Dillard: Smug after Judge OK's death threats.

Shockingly, a judge refused to grant an injunction against the letter’s author, Angel Dillard.  This is particularly odd, since there are dozens of cases involving suspected terrorism in which judges have done far more with far less direct threat.

More importantly, the ruling is a clear slap in the face to the spirit of the law:

The way that you evaluate a true threat under FACE is very clear. Congress laid it out very succinctly. It is how the threat is perceived by the person who receives the threat. … I think anyone would reasonably understand what was meant by those words.

–Kathy Spillar, Executive Vice President of the Feminist Majority Foundation and Executive Editor of Ms.

In a nutshell, the judge declared that not only is Ms. Dillard’s letter not a threat, but Dr. Means has no legitimate reason to think it might have been a threat.  Even though Ms. Dillard is an open admirer of Dr. Tiller’s murderer, and has visited him in jail.

I can think of no better example of why religion has no place in the courtroom, and why the personal beliefs of our legislative officials do matter.



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