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Getting it Done Solo: All About Masturbation

I’ve always been puzzled by the religious mandate to avoid masturbation.  If there’s one thing religion has screwed up for more people, this might be it.  All the sex experts say that masturbation is the best tool for enjoying intercourse to the fullest — for men and women.  Men learn to control their pace and level of stimulation and delay orgasm.  Women often learn how to orgasm from masturbation, and self-gratification can help them discover how to orgasm faster, reducing those painful “it’s ok honey” moments.

In terms of giving yourself an endorphin rush, it’s pretty much the fastest, safest, and most reliable way to do it.  It improves mood.  It helps us perform better at all kinds of tasks afterwards, from sports to accounting.  It relieves sexual tension and sometimes helps us resist the temptation to call the bad news ex for a quicky.

The fact is, there’s really nothing at all wrong with it.  Well… if someone is masturbating instead of having sex with their partner, that’s a relationship issue, not a problem with masturbation.  In short, it’s something pretty much everybody does, and it’s pretty much full of win with no negatives to worry about.

So… um… I guess… get fapping, folks.  And do it without guilt.  It’s good for you, and religion is just wrong.



One thought on “Getting it Done Solo: All About Masturbation

  1. is masturbation right or wrong

    Posted by pro derrick | December 26, 2012, 9:57 am

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