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Congress Eliminates Funding for Teaching Abortion

The latest in a seemingly endless series of assaults on Roe v. Wade is a bill passed by Congress which cuts government funding to any institution teaching how to perform abortions.  The logic is clear:  If no one knows how to perform an abortion, it doesn’t matter whether it’s legal or not.

The message is coming through loud and clear:  Christians will end abortions in America, whether by legal, illegal, or subversive means.  The law of the land is not important to them unless it conforms to their personal beliefs.  Their morals do not extend to obeying the law when they disagree with the law.

The list of techniques is growing:

The subversion of the law is nationwide, and it is coordinated.  Each new bit of anti-abortion legislation passed in various states is part of a web of precedent which just sits in reserve, waiting for a favorable Supreme Court to finally put an end to women’s right to choose their own reproductive destiny.



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