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Armed Forces to Christians: Bigotry Won’t Get You Out.

Proving yet again what it means to be a “good loving Christian,” an un-named sergeant asked U.S. Defense secretary Robert Gates if there will be an option to leave the military over consciencious objection to the existence of gays.

“Sir, we joined the Marine Corps because the Marine Corps has a set of standards and values that is better than that of the civilian sector. And we have gone and changed those values and repealed the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy,” the sergeant told Gates during the question and answer session.

“We have not given the Marines a chance to decide whether they wish to continue serving under that. Is there going to be an option for those Marines that no longer wish to serve due to the fact their moral values have not changed?” he asked. (LINK)

Gates responded with a blunt, “No.”

To be completely clear, the impending repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy changes exactly one thing about the existence of gays in the military.  It admits their existence.  Gays have been in the military, serving bravely beside straights, for as long as there has been a military.  Gays have won medals, saved lives, captured enemy combatants, rescued babies, raised American flags, and everything else we admire our servicemen for.

Gays have joined the military despite knowing they could not be themselves.  They have committed themselves to officially living a lie because that’s how much they wanted to serve their country.  Knowing that exposure could mean expulsion or even physical violence, they’ve joined anyway.  That’s how much they believe in the value of service.  They are heroes.

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One thought on “Armed Forces to Christians: Bigotry Won’t Get You Out.

  1. Worry less about haters wanting out than the fact that senior brass has its collective head up its collective ass.

    Fascist indoctrination and open intolerance are still a standard part of the military. If you have authority and you’re religious, you can abuse it. Just ask atheists or jews at the Air Force academy and other such places.

    Posted by P Smith | July 16, 2011, 6:35 am

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