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Debate: Hitchens vs. Al Sharpton

If you want to skip the introductions and such, the actual debate starts at around 5:45.  It doesn’t have any explosions, car chases, or aliens blowing up cities, but for the time you would spend watching yet another Hollywood blockbuster, you could learn from one of the best debaters of our time.  Possibly of all time.

If you’ve ever wanted to speak eloquently with theists about religion, there could hardly be a better role model than Hitchens.



2 thoughts on “Debate: Hitchens vs. Al Sharpton

  1. It doesn’t have any explosions, car chases, or aliens blowing up cities

    Does it at least have boobs?

    But on a serious note, I don’t really think this really qualifies as a “good debate”. Sharpton chirped the same old predictable stuff and same for Hitchens.

    I pretty much predicted much of the debate before I hit play, because I’ve heard both of them speak.

    They seem to condratict themselves on several occasions.

    Sharpton: ” They are misusing religion! The real use of religion is your personal experiences, but personal experience is a subjective way to determine objective values!”

    Hitchens: ” As you can see a secular world view is a better way to determine ethics, but I do support the invasion of Iraq which lead to the death of many civilians!”

    The sheer amount of cognitive dissoniance is mind boggling.

    Plus the whole bouncing around of the debate.

    Sharpton trying to dodge the religion and cause by saying it doesn’t have to do with the existence of God. He’s technichally right, but that’s irrelevant because that wasn’t the issue.

    Hitchens tries to “securalize” good Christian deeds on the basis, that we don’t need the supernatural to do them, and he’s right, but it’s also true that you don’t need them to do evil.

    If Sharpton used the same arguments to show that religion is good, that Hitchens uses to show that religion is evil, Hitchens would reject it and rightly so.

    If Hitchens used the same arguments that Sharpton used to show that religion is bad that Sharpton used to show that religion is good, Sharpton would reject it and rightly so.

    But they’re basically the same arguments.

    In fairness, I think Hitchens still won, seeing as he did make some good points not a lot on religion, but on god. Such as it’s pretty much impossible to determine “the mind of god” even if god was proven to exist. But he then shits the bed around 48 minutes in about the Stalin question.

    So the victory was more of Sharpton being an even bigger idiot, he made me cringe when I heard his arguments about electricity, and stuff when I realized that I held that too.

    The first lady was an idiot [Hitchen’s erection aside], but I did like his answer to the “what about religious scientists?” question and Sharpton shit the bed on the “why do people believe in illogical things?” question.

    In other words, Hitchens seemed to do better in the Q&A than the debate. In the actual debate, he did badly, but Sharpton did worse. Hitchens somewhat recovered in the Q&A and Sharpton just fell deeper.

    But then when Hitchens was on a roll, he got back into Iraq and then kept shitting the bed. Not on the Chaplains, but on the enemy thing, but then recovers about god and suffering.

    He does well pointing out the logical errors in Christiantity, but the whole psychology and sociology of religion……..not so much.

    You know what they say about running in the special Olympics

    Posted by cptpineapple | June 30, 2011, 7:48 pm
  2. Thanks for posting this. I think it a bit dated but still relative. It seems that I do find myself a little disappointed in Hitch in that he, as he often does, gets on a tangent and strays too far from the issue. Still one of my favorites but it would be nice to see him NOT assume that everyone has his intelligence.

    Posted by Interested | July 4, 2011, 10:23 am

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