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Tebow Annoys NFL Peer with Too Much Jesus.

It’s funny how a bit of fame can turn the most trivial of statements into full-blown scandal.  Former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer, best known for his one good year with the Denver Broncos (13-3 in 2005), had some disparaging things to say about controversial pseudo-quarterback Tim Tebow: “Tebow, regardless of whether I wish he’d just shut … Continue reading

Thanksgiving: What it means for *this* atheist.

Thanksgiving is a tough holiday for the thoughtful non-theist.  For a non-theist with progressive values, it’s difficult not to view it with utter disdain.  It is at once a distillation of the privilege of religious insinuation into public life, and the glorification of materialism and selfishness.  Despite this fact, Thanksgiving has become for me a … Continue reading

A Thanksgiving Project for Non-Believers

On November 5, I wrote an article about Anne Gaylor for the Atlanta Atheism Examiner.  In it, I described her decades old foundation which provides funds for women who cannot afford abortions.  (Think about it… if they can’t afford an abortion, can they afford a child?!)  She has been doing this charitable work almost entirely … Continue reading

The Penn State Scandal Makes the Church Look Even Worse.

The Penn State Scandal has moved beyond sports news into the mainstream, and for very good reason.  If you’ve been under a rock, here’s the short version:  Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky has been accused of numerous counts of child molestation during his tenure at the university.  Head coach and football demigod Joe Paterno has … Continue reading

Mississippi to vote on worst anti-abortion amendment yet.

Mississippians will soon be voting on whether to extend the definition of “person” to the moment of conception.  Initiative 26 asks:  Should the term “person” be defined to include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or the equivalent thereof? (LINK) The most glaring and frightful consequence of such a sweeping change is … Continue reading

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