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This is why America’s failing welfare system is a nightmare for Libertarians

A Texas woman recently shot her two children and then killed herself in a state welfare office after a months-long struggle to get food stamps.  It’s a shocking story which casts harsh light on the desperation felt by many of the country’s poorest citizens.  We don’t know precisely what happened to this woman to bring … Continue reading

The (Nearly) Complete Argument for Legal Abortion.

INTRODUCTION The question of abortion’s legality and morality is a central battleground in the national and state political arena. For obvious reasons, it is also a major factor in the choices available to millions of individuals each year. The 1973 Roe v Wade ruling legalized abortion, but also left “wiggle room” in less than precise … Continue reading

Christianity and Therapy

Over the weekend, I attended a two day workshop for clinical therapists on the topic of sex and sexuality.  There was one incident that got me thinking very seriously about the negative impact of popular Christian beliefs on American culture. A great deal of the material dealt with breaking down the cultural myth of two … Continue reading

Online Dating: Especially Bad for Atheists

I wrote an article a few months ago about why internet dating is a bad choice for a lot of people.  There’s a new study out which strongly implies that it might be even worse for atheists, but not for the reason you might think. There’s a psychological term called Need for Cognition (NfC).  It … Continue reading

I’ll Be Walking to Fight Leukemia.

  The Foundation Beyond Belief is a “charitable foundation created to focus, encourage, and demonstrate humanist generosity and compassion.” Embodying the humanist belief that charity is good in and of itself, and need not be accompanied by proselytism, the 501(c)(3) has become a powerhouse for philanthropy in the secular community. In 2012, the Foundation has … Continue reading

Christian Zombie Attack?

Why is Gay Marriage Even an Issue?

With President Obama’s landmark endorsement of gay marriage, the United States has taken a significant rhetorical step forward in the First World.  The barrage of hate and vitriol spewing from the Far Right seems farther and farther removed from the opinions of workaday Americans, who appear to be coming around to the belief that things … Continue reading

The Avengers: Great Movie, but Disturbingly Violent.

I enjoyed The Avengers.  It was a well acted, well directed, intense movie, and I’ll probably see it again on the big screen, which is extremely rare for me.  As super-hero movies go, it is as high quality as anything I’ve seen in recent years.  (Although personally, I think the first Iron Man will hold up better to … Continue reading

What Does Science Say About Porn?

Pornography.  To be sure, it’s a controversial topic.  More than a few non-believers feel that pornography is harmful or degrading to women, or that it increases sex related crime.  On the other hand, many believe that it is healthy, normal, and even has positive effects on both individual and societal levels. Thankfully, there is a … Continue reading

The Story of Easter, Updated for 21st Century Readers

The Plan, Part 1:  In the Beginning Approximately six thousand years ago, a magical being called “God” set a plan into motion.  He’d been waiting and doing very little for several googols of googols of years, so this was a very important time.  All that brain power had just been sitting around, formulating the most … Continue reading

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