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Thanks for checking out my blog.  To me, “living life without a net” means boldly exploring life with no preconceptions.  It means accepting and loving the awe inspiring complexity and diversity of the human experience.  It means realizing that we humans are far from perfect, but if anything, it is our imperfections that make the good parts of life that much better.

Living life without a net is sometimes scary.  Like an acrobat soaring through the air, we are at the mercy of nature.  If we fall, there will be consequences.  We are responsible for our own successes and our own failures, and we own both.

Living life without a net means not accepting easy answers from religion or any other kind of faith-based mythology.  It means looking at the universe for what it is, not what some magical invisible overlord says it ought to be.  It means tossing off the shackles of religion and examining ourselves for what we are and what we’d like to become.


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