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Atheist Men: Smarter, and more Faithful

I spent some time browsing through OKCupid as randomly as I could, looking at profiles of women who had answered the question about whether or not they would date an atheist. As you would expect from a largely Christian society, “No” is the usual response. This kind of thinking might be misguided. Satoshi Kanazawa, at … Continue reading

More on Dating and Value

I’ve been thinking a lot about value and dating since my recent post on the subject.  Today’s post is going to be a little different than my normal presentation of facts.  Instead, I’m going to talk about what I feel is an interesting (and potentially frustrating) change in dating/mating dynamics. Through most of human history, … Continue reading

PZ Myer’s on Intelligent Design

This parable is one of the most brilliant refutations of Intelligent Design — and of the whole god argument — that I’ve ever read. Here’s an excerpt: Once upon a time, four blind men were walking in the forest, and they bumped into an elephant. Moe was in front, and found himself holding the trunk. … Continue reading

Intelligent Design is Worse than Ignorance

Christians will often say, “The universe cannot possibly have been created in exactly this way without intelligent design.” The most common way to refute this is to trot out the anthropic principle, which essentially points out that our existence only proves that our existence is possible. For whatever reason, this refutation, though perfectly sound, seems … Continue reading

Morality from the Bible

Imagine a dialog between a theist and an atheist: Theist:  Without God, humans would not be moral.  God’s holy word, The Bible, gives us clear instructions about which actions are allowable and which are not. Atheist:  Can we pick one?  Let’s talk about stealing.  The Bible says we are not to steal, correct? T:  Of … Continue reading

Catholic Abuse: Worldwide and Systemic

Let’s face it: there are only two options here: Either the repeated pattern of abuse and cover-up around the world constitutes a giant set of uncanny coincidences, or there is a single source of power directly responsible for the global pattern. The answer is obvious and that is why there are lawsuits currently pending against … Continue reading

Dan Savage on Coming Out

I’ve always felt that there are a lot of similarities between the coming out process for gays and atheists.  It’s certainly gotten easier to come out as either one in recent years, but it’s still really hard.   Do a google search for atheist coming out stories, and you might be shocked.  People have lost … Continue reading

Tiger Woods

What can you say about the guy who’s arguably the most famous sports figure in the world when he cheats on his wife?   I heard Tiger’s speech today on Colin Cowherd’s radio show.  To be honest, I wasn’t really shocked by anything he said.  I will give him mad props for one thing though: … Continue reading

The Power of a Simple Truth

The following is an entry from nearly a year ago. I think it’s even more important today than it was when I first wrote it. We have a president who at least acknowledges atheists as a part of American culture. If there is a time for cultural change, it is now, before the Religious Right … Continue reading

Catholics Blame Child Molestation on the Sexual Revolution

Yep.  That’s right.  The sexual revolution is to blame for priests molesting children in the 70s.  So says Walter Mixa, one of the highest ranking bishops in Germany. “The so-called sexual revolution, in which some especially progressive moral critics supported the legalisation of sexual contact between adults and children, is certainly not innocent,” he said, … Continue reading

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