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The Ball Is In Our Court

I can’t stress enough that if progressives, secularists, and freethinkers want political respect and clout, the ball is in our courts. President Elect Obama is not going to take it upon himself to restore the church-state separation intended by the founding fathers.  He is a religious man himself, and will not turn his back on … Continue reading

What Can We Do?

It occured to me this morning that maybe my last blog, while an effective call to action, was less than effective at telling people what they can do. First, you should know that we do have a lobbyist in Washington.  Lori Lippman Brown is the director of the Secular Coalition for America, which is the … Continue reading

The Hardest Job In The World

I generally try to avoid politics, but this is too big.  For the sixteen to eighteen percent of Americans who don’t subscribe to the belief that God has chosen America to do whatever it is we’re supposed to do, this is a momentous time in history. At no other time in the foreseeable future will … Continue reading

Logic-Resistant Belief and Three Steps to Freedom

    I am an atheist. I used to be a Christian, and then I read the Bible, thought about it, and left Christianity. Soon after that, I examined the concept of “the supernatural” and became an atheist. Hearing my story would probably be interesting to some people, but apart from some minor variances, it’s no … Continue reading

Thoughts on Jesus’ Historicity

I’ve recently stepped a little out of my comfort zone and entered into a couple of discussions about whether or not there was a historical Jesus.  You can find those discussions here: I’d like you to look at both of these after you’ve read a few of my thoughts here.  First, I’d like … Continue reading

Free Will, Determinism, and Choice

  Matter moves from instability to stability.  This is a basic physical truth.  Sodium is highly unstable, and when it encounters moisture, it changes states rapidly to form more stable compounds.  Rocks last a long time because their atoms have reached a level of high stability.  Eggs fry because the added heat causes their atoms … Continue reading

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