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New Theme or Old?

What do you think about the new theme?  Easier to read/navigate?  Better to look at?  Piece of shit?  You don’t give a damn?  If you have an opinion, please take the poll, and feel free to comment and let me know more specific details about what you like or don’t like. Advertisements

Don’t Believe Me? Believe Angie

Yeah, I remember self-exorcism.  I tried it a couple of times.  I wish I was alone in my upbringing, but I’m not.  Lots of us exist.  And what’s even scarier is that it’s not all from “fundamentalist parents.”  At my house, we said grace, and religion was always present as a subtext, but my parents … Continue reading

Decline of a Nation and Facts

What is the most non-talked about reality in the United States of America today? The fact that we no longer lead the world in almost any indicator.  The United States is no longer the best place for an average person to live.  Our health care lags behind our peers, so does our educational system. When … Continue reading

News Flash: Believers are Gullible

Whatever else you think about charismatic preachers, they have a dramatic power over their audience. While their followers believe them to have special powers, a new brain imaging study by Uffe Schjødt at Aarhus University in Denmark suggests that it’s all just a product of their imagination. LINK TO FULL ARTICLE LINK TO ABSTRACT Did … Continue reading

Social Groups, Social Proof, and Game

In my recent post about online dating, I mentioned some of the reasons why it’s a poor percentage play, and encouraged singles to go out and meet people in person.  Today, I want to talk about some of the reasons going out is a high percentage play.  I’ll also mention some ways to use group … Continue reading

Texas School Books

I know most of my readers are already familiar with what’s going on in Texas with the new text books, but I feel like I have to mention it just in case.  It’s all very Orwellian, and more than a little scary.  When we look at the degradation of our education system in the last … Continue reading

Dating Sites Don’t Work

For several months now, I’ve had a profile on  No, I will not tell you the profile name, and no, you could not guess it from information off of this blog.  And anyway, I’m honestly not there to find a date.  I am, however, very interested in their matching algorithm, and have spent hours … Continue reading

Christian Crusade

“[T]hat’s all it is, it’s grotesque. Was he neglected as a child? I don’t know what his problem is he seems to crave attention?” Kimberly Guilfoyle, a commentator, said this of Richard Dawkins on Bill O’Reilly’s show recently.  She went on to say that “he’s an idiot and mentally unstable.”  Bill said that Dawkins’ and … Continue reading

Open Letter to Rev. James J Scahill

James J Scahill is a priest who recently called for the resignation of the pope.  This is the letter I sent to him.  I would also like to address it to any of the faithful who have been bold enough to do the right thing and stand up for morality over religious loyalty. Rev. Scahill, … Continue reading

Extremism and Party Lines

I had originally intended for this blog entry to be a philosophical exploration of the differences and similarities between liberal, moderate, and extremist religious belief.  Hopefully, I’ll still be able to illustrate one of my points successfully, but in light of recent current events, feigning the role of uninvolved bystander just won’t work. We all … Continue reading

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