Biblical Christianity 101

In this ongoing series of articles, I’ll be using the Bible to debunk common Christian myths.  The truth is that modern Christianity bears little resemblance to the book that is supposedly God’s perfect instruction manual.  Many beliefs are simply not in the Bible.  Others are contradicted by it.  And many concepts, such as the idea of a “Christian Nation” are so factually wrong as to be laughable.

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Government.  What does the Bible say about government?  Is America a Christian Nation according to the Bible?

Love Thy Neighbor Was Jesus really an advocate of peace, love, and tolerance?  What does the New Testament say about “Good Christian Living?”

Diet.  Did you know that the Bible commands Christians to eat meat?  No vegetarianism for Christians.

Marriage.  Think twice before you advocate “Biblical Marriage.”  It’s not what you think it is.

Women.  If you’ve got any feminist inclinations whatsoever, you’ll want to rethink advocating the Bible as a good read.

More to come!  Stay tuned!



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