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Atheism vs. Theism: Unfair Rules

I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating the atheist/theist debates I’ve seen.  There have been some very good moments for atheists, such as Christopher Hitchens’ trouncing of former Prime Minister Tony Blair in the opening salvo of their debate.  But informally, there have been a lot of bad moments, too.  It’s not so much that … Continue reading

Getting it Done Solo: All About Masturbation

I’ve always been puzzled by the religious mandate to avoid masturbation.  If there’s one thing religion has screwed up for more people, this might be it.  All the sex experts say that masturbation is the best tool for enjoying intercourse to the fullest — for men and women.  Men learn to control their pace and … Continue reading

Are Science and Religion Compatible? A Thought Experiment

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to test whether science and religion are compatible.  A couple of nights ago, with the aid of a Johnny Walker Black and soda (it really was in your honor, Hitch… hang in there!) I stumbled on a very simple truth: We cannot use both science and religion to address … Continue reading

Brandon Mississippi’s Vigilante Justice

Have you heard yet about what the town of Brandon, Mississippi did?  Westboro Baptist had them targeted for a protest of local hero Staff Sgt Jason Rogers’ funeral.  They showed up en masse.  But when the funeral was over, they left town, having never uttered a harsh word or brandished a single sign. The thing is, … Continue reading

Religion and science are incompatible.  We know this is fact because we cannot answer the same question with both science and religion and come up with the same answer.

Why Doesn’t Arguing Scientifically Work?

Here’s a truism we’re all familiar with:  The wiser we get, the more we realize how little we know.  It’s especially true of scientific investigation and education.  More importantly, it’s a foundational difference between religion and science.  The hallmark of science is its malleability.  When the data changes, the hypotheses change.  The best scientific thinkers are … Continue reading

The Story of Easter. With Pictures.

The Plan, Part 1:  In the Beginning Approximately six thousand years ago, a magical being called “God” set a plan into motion.  He’d been waiting and doing very little for several googols of googols of years, so this was a very important time.  All that brain power had just been sitting around, formulating the most … Continue reading

Judge Allows Death Threats Against Abortion Doctors

Thousands of people are already looking into your background, not just in Wichita, but from all over the U.S. They will know your habits and routines. They know where you shop, who your friends are, what you drive, where you live. You will be checking under your car everyday-because maybe today is the day someone … Continue reading

Hitchen’s Letter to American Atheists

Dear fellow-unbelievers, Nothing would have kept me from joining you except the loss of my voice (at least my speaking voice) which in turn is due to a long argument I am currently having with the specter of death. Nobody ever wins this argument, though there are some solid points to be made while the … Continue reading

American Atheists 2011 Wrapup

This year’s American Atheists Convention was held in Des Moines, practically dead center of both Tornado Alley and the Republican Christian Midwest.  Ironically, we felt the impact of both over the weekend. On Friday, nearby St. Louis suffered through the worst tornado in fifty years to hit the area.   Flights were delayed, re-routed, or cancelled, … Continue reading

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