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Obama Opposes UN Anti-Defamation Resolution

Thankfully, there is some sanity in the U.N.  The Obama administration has announced that it is strongly opposed to a resolution that would condemn negative speech against religions.  Hillary Clinton said in a news conference that such a resolution would be a major blow against free expression and speech. She’s right, of course.  Everyone, theists … Continue reading

Christianity in the News

I’m just going to pass along two stories today.  Partly, this is because I’ve just been too busy to keep updated this week, but I do think it’s important for us to remember that there are two discussions going on in the freethinking community.  It’s fine for me to argue with Alison about the causes … Continue reading

Emo and Lo: Passionate Platonic Cuddling?

I’m going to stray a bit from my usual style of trying to relate everything back to evolutionary drives.  I was reading some articles from Emo & Lo, and was struck by Abby Spector’s article about passionate cuddling.  She says: It has been exactly a year since I last had sex. I didn’t intend on … Continue reading

The Tree of Life is very big You’ll have to zoom in for quite a while before this PDF starts to make any sense to you.  Look in the upper left quadrant for “You Are Here.” This is from the laboratory of Hills and Bull at the University of Texas.  I am led to believe that this is part of an … Continue reading

True Believer’s Rant

I normally let theist rants go without comment, since I prefer discussion and debate to ranting, but I’m feeling snarky today.  True Believer responded to my Atheist turns Theist thread. Ok, so why are there so many atheists-ridiculing-religion bloggs popping up lately? I got little theory on that. It may be because atheistic people tend … Continue reading

I should have been a poet

This fellow expresses my exasperation with an awful lot of armchair pseudo-philosophical mumbo-jumbo about ten times better than I could ever hope to articulate.  It’s nine minutes long, but well worth it.  Even if it makes you feel like you should be wearing a beret and snapping your fingers.

Atheist Turns Theist

It’s important to always try to represent both sides of a debate fairly, so I thought it would be nice for me to highlight an atheist who used evidence to convert to theism.  I’m not going to add much.  I think his argument is one of the best ones I’ve heard in a while, and … Continue reading

Christians Burning Bibles?

In a truly wacky twist on the No True Scotsman, a North Carolina pastor has said he and his sheep will be burning Bibles this Halloween to “light a fire” under the followers of the One True Version of The Bible™.   According to Pastor Marc Grizzard, anything other than the King James Version of … Continue reading

Dolphins Playing Football

No… not in Miami.  Off the Welsh coast. Dolphins use jellyfish as footballs… or… flipperballs, and seem to have a grand old time at it, too.  The downside is it’s often pretty bad for the jellyfish.  Apparently, they have a nasty habit of dying when used for sport. LINK

Religion and Scientific Illiteracy

It’s not just America that’s suffering from the impact of religiostupidification™.  Economist online reports that the problem is actually worse in much of the Middle East.  Egypt is in particularly bad shape.  According to recent surveys, barely a third of Egyptians have even heard of Charles Darwin, and only 8% believe there’s any credibility to … Continue reading

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