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Relationship Tip: Touch Him on the Penis

Athol Kay, over at Married Man Sex Life, linked to this video recently, and I just couldn’t resist passing it on.  It’s really funny to me how successful Cosmo and other women’s magazines have been even though at least 75% of their sex advice is total crap.  It’s a great example of how to use … Continue reading

God’s Mysterious Ways

I don’t spend much time talking to theists about the problem of evil.  It’s never seemed like an effective way to poke holes in their delusions.  But this site is primarily geared towards non-theists and recovering theists, so I think maybe it’s worth delving into. The problem of evil is very closely tied to the … Continue reading

Hitler Was a Jew?

I’ve been chuckling over this story for a good ten minutes now.  Had Hitler lived as an American, he could have been denied the vote because of “black blood.”  Had he lived in an Islamic State, he might have been persecuted for being a Jew.  So say Jean-Paul Mulders and Marc Vermeeren, anyway. How ironic … Continue reading

Battlestar Galactica (Caprica) Rocks

I am halfway through watching the new Battlestar Galactica series for the second time, but this time is a little different.  Before beginning it, I watched the series ending Caprica movie.  (I tried to get into Caprica the series, but it just hasn’t happened yet.) I was really impressed with the Caprica movie for several … Continue reading

Worst. Fiction. Ever.

This was taken at a Christian thrift store. Oh, the irony. Just thought I’d share it with the group.

Death and Transition

This past Saturday, I attended a memorial service for a very dear friend who passed the week before last.  It was one of the more difficult services I’ve ever been to for a lot of good reasons.  Don was kind of a surrogate father for me, as well as a drinking buddy, a reliable and … Continue reading

Irrational vs. Irrational

I don’t like it when non-believers say things like, “I want to end irrationality.”  For one thing, it’s bad marketing.  Telling 70% of the population they’re irrational is counter-productive, even if it’s true.  (If they really are irrational, why would using reason to convince them of this have any effect?)  More importantly, it’s a woefully … Continue reading

When the Truth Hurts

There’s a scary article at Hooking Up Smart.  It’s a very brief synopsis of two books by Louann Brizandine, a neuropsychologist at Yale who wants to prove that there are real, quantifiable differences between men and women (and everything in between) which must be explained by biology first and culture second. I’ve been thinking about … Continue reading

Honesty and Priming

Dan Ariely, a professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University, conducted a really neat experiment.  Subjects were given a standardized test of general knowledge, and were paid a set amount for each answer they got right.  Three groups took the same test under slightly different conditions.  The control group was not given the … Continue reading

The Pitfalls of Being a Selector

Thanks to Dalrock for reminding me of this amusing example of the different ways men and women often view relationships.  I’ll paraphrase the story: There’s a store that sells husbands, and it has six floors.  Any woman can visit, but only once.  She can choose to ascend one floor if she wants, or she can … Continue reading

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