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SHAME on the men in R/Atheism!

If you’ve been on vacation, you may not have noticed the firestorm erupting over an incident on Reddit’s atheism subgroup.  If you’re not the internet junkie type, Reddit is a social news site where members link to stories in particular subject groups.  R/atheism is the site’s atheist subgroup, with over 350,000 members. A few days … Continue reading

Christmas: Not really so Christian after all.

If you believe the pundits pushing the notion of a godless “War on Christmas,” you might be shocked to learn that America’s history of Christmas isn’t especially Christian.  In order to turn Christmas into the kind of historical rah-rah Jesus festival many Christians would like to believe in, you have to do some very creative … Continue reading

Atheist Hero: Devidyal Givens

We’ve all read the heartwarming stories in Christian pamphlets, right?  Somebody was just going along happily, living their life, until one day, tragedy struck.  They found God, and now just look at how happy they are!  It’s proof that God exists, isn’t it?  He must be real, since a real person’s life has been changed … Continue reading

Reader’s Question: Atheist, where’s your proof?

A reader writes: Reading some of your stuff and having a hard time understanding it. Are you saying there is positive proff for the things that you believe. Evalotion, the begining of the universe,and all the other things Athiests hold to be gospile.Prove to me that their is not something somewhere that may have created … Continue reading

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