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The Real Crocoduck and Design

This is Tiktaalik.  It was discovered by Neil Shubin and several of his colleagues, who had been looking for it for over a decade.  In many ways, Tiktaalik is the scientific equivalent of the Crocoduck.  It really is a transition between two modern forms of life — fish and amphibians. The details of Tiktaalik‘s “transitional nature” are very interesting, … Continue reading

More on Billboards

Predictably, PZ Myers is a fan of the new billboard.  He’s about as outspoken and in-your-face as atheists get, and by any standards I can think of, the billboard isn’t nearly as inflammatory as some of PZ’s stunts. He has this to say: Might it stir a little resentment, maybe even sting Christians a little … Continue reading

Intelligent Design? Not Really

If life has been designed so intelligently, why does our design give so many indications of being unintelligent? What do I mean by that?  When we look at things that have been designed intelligently, we see a number of characteristics:  efficiency, specificity, foresight, etc.  Good engineers design things that accomplish their purpose directly, with as … Continue reading

Stealth Attack Ad Hominem

We’re all familiar with the argumentum ad hominem.  Out of all the logical fallacies, it might be the most common on the internet.  A person commits an ad hominem when he cites a character defect as a way to defeat an argument.  “That guy is an asshole.  Don’t listen to anything he says.” Over the … Continue reading

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Ed: This is a repost from last year, but upon re-reading it, I don’t think I can add anything to it, nor do I wish to retract anything I’ve said.  So I’ll just repost it as-is.  To all my readers, thank you as always for your support, and have a lovely Thanksgiving if you happen … Continue reading

Pope: Condoms ok for gay sinners, not straights

In a rather shocking twist of faiththink, der Popenfurer has decided that it might be ok some of the time for male prostitutes to use condoms.  But the church is still against condoms, and they don’t help decrease the spread of AIDS.  Unless you’re a male prostitute.  Or something. …the statement was something of a milestone … Continue reading

Teaching and Indoctrination

Among the many words we tend to misuse and conflate, teaching and indoctrination are two of the most important.  In order to fully understand the danger of religious indoctrination we must understand just what indoctrination is, and how it differs both in method and effect, from teaching. Teaching, in it’s most basic form, is the reduction of … Continue reading

“Mixed Marriage” and Children

What a horrible situation this is!  But it’s not rare.  I know at least a half a dozen atheists who are or were married to Christians.  And most of them have children. I catch a lot of flack for this, but it’s my considered opinion that nonbelievers should not marry believers, and vice versa.  There’s … Continue reading

Atheist Ponies Up for Creation Science

Godlessons has a great idea.  Like me, he’s very interested in seeing if Creation Science advocates know how to do science.  More than that, he wants to see some good science in support of creation.  So he’s started the Creationist Science Fair.  Read the blog here. If you’re not familiar with the basic mechanics of … Continue reading

Evolution Predicts Gaps in the Fossil Record

Today, I want to address a very common claim by Creation Scientists (sic!).   It is said that the geologic column is incomplete, and that there are huge gaps where there ought to be gradual change. What these poor scientific illiterates do not understand is that according to the theory of natural selection, we should not expect … Continue reading

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