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Objectification of Men?

In my quest for as much objectivity as possible, I’ve been considering the other side of objectification for a few days.  Are men also objectified by women?  If so, how?  If objectification of women is harmful, is objectification of men equally harmful? To begin thinking about these questions, I had to ask myself just what … Continue reading

Frivolous Trivia

Here’s some useless trivia about Life Without a Net. Most Popular Entries Let’s Talk about Breasts 11,389 The Morality of Hell 8,263 Myth, Sexuality, and Culture 6,334 Sex Scandals 4,147 Gaps in the Fossil Record 3,265 Dating, Mating, Sex, and Reproduction Pa 2,937 Myth, Culture, Sex: Part 3: 2,108 Severity of Threat = Degree of … Continue reading

Phytoplankton is Really Important

Owing to an injured pinky which is making typing a royal pain in the um… pinky… I’m going to point you to an article which emphasizes the moral imperative of population control. Phytoplankton in decline: bye bye food chain? Ocean life is being wiped out from the bottom up. The global population of microscopic plants … Continue reading

Population and Morality

I wrote recently on the topic of moral behaviors as a function of environment more so than character, and today I’d like to apply the same kind of thinking to the topic of population.   To begin with, let’s remember that human behavior (whether we judge it as morally good or not) is largely determined by … Continue reading

Morality: Time for Redefinition

We atheists are fond of telling theists how much better natural morality is than dogmatic morality, and we’re right.  My compilation of Christian Bashing is mostly based on the absurdity and depravity that results when you treat morality as an inscrutable list of mandates as opposed to a system of valuation based on intent and … Continue reading

Topic Summary: Christian Smackdown

It’s been a good week here at Life Without a Net.  Whatever put the bee in my bonnet and drove me to spend so much time on the horror show that is Christianity, I’m glad it happened.  The thing is, I’ve written a lot more on the subject, but you’d have to really dig through … Continue reading

Objectification and Sexy Atheists

I was trying to avoid it, but several of my readers have asked me to comment on the ongoing internet shitstorm over at Common Sense Atheism.  In preface, I have to say that I will probably upset some of my readers.  I apologize in advance for that, but I will not apologize for what I … Continue reading

Dating Tips: Decoy and Anchor

Today I’m going to go straight to dating advice, but it’s going to be based on two principles of human irrationality.  I spend so much time talking about how bad irrationality is, it seems like a good idea to show you a couple of ways it can work to your advantage.  First, I need to … Continue reading

Slasher Films and Christianity

So I’m beating the dead horse, but the damn thing is a zombie.  It won’t stay dead.  The last couple of days I’ve been examining the moral message of Christianity, both from a literal and metaphorical perspective.  But it seems like I left out something very important.  Apparently the concept of a moral allegory is … Continue reading

Dear Pope: THIS is how you stop AIDS

You know how I constantly stress the connection between environment and behavior?  Have you heard me say repeatedly that if you want to change a person’s behavior, you don’t preach at them — you change the environment so that they want to behave you’d like. Well, here’s powerful proof of concept: In covering the microbicidal … Continue reading

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