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A little bit more about sex and advertising

After mulling over the thoughts in my previous blog for a few days, there are a couple more things I’d like to say on the subject.  First, on the subject of non-persons and dehumanizing: I don’t like the word “dehumanize.”  It gets tossed around very easily, and I think that is undeserved.  Humans are very … Continue reading

Sex and Advertising

I’ve been reminded again recently that sexual advertising offends a lot of people.  To be honest, I’ve always been a little bit puzzled by this. I hear two objections more than any other: 1) Sexual advertising objectifies people (especially women) and “dehumanizes” them. 2) Sexual advertising imposes a false sense of beauty on us, and … Continue reading

Christians and Projection

Projection is the psychological defense mechanism of assigning one’s own bad qualities to someone else, usually the opposition.  For instance, a hypothetical football player (cough… cough… T.O.) who is well known for selfishly wanting all of the spotlight for himself might suggest that his team is somehow conspiring to keep him from his just rewards … Continue reading

Selling Christmas and Christianity

Christmas time is here, and I thought it would be a good time to think about what Christians say that Jesus did for us.  First, let’s talk about it the way they say it in church: From  (The best hit I got on a google search for “God’s Plan of Salvation.”): The Bible specifically … Continue reading

Morality and Fear

I’m afraid I’ve gotten off topic more than I’d like in the last few weeks.  This blog is primarily for discussing human nature, science, and what it means to be atheist.  Today, I’d like to briefly discuss one of the most volatile issues between theists and atheists, namely godless morality. A fellow blogger recently voiced … Continue reading

Response to John Loftus Historical Jesus Blog

John W. Loftus has been receiving rave reviews for his acceptance of a historical Jesus, and this is a bit of a puzzle to me.  You can find his blog post on the matter HERE. I’m going to quote John directly so that the reader will not have to continually refer back to his blog, … Continue reading

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