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Can Liberal Theism and Atheism Get Along?

Many believers have never spent time talking honestly and openly with an atheist.  Especially here in the Bible Belt.  One of the most common observations I’ve made since becoming an “open atheist” is that lots of believers honestly have no idea what I believe and what I do not believe.  Misconceptions abound.  (I’ve been asked … Continue reading

Debate: Hitchens vs. Al Sharpton

If you want to skip the introductions and such, the actual debate starts at around 5:45.  It doesn’t have any explosions, car chases, or aliens blowing up cities, but for the time you would spend watching yet another Hollywood blockbuster, you could learn from one of the best debaters of our time.  Possibly of all … Continue reading

Independence Day Message

Enough said.  

Religious “shared reality” hinders acceptance of scientific reality.

One of the difficulties in discussing religion is that it is not a single phenomenon.  It is a belief system, a social structure, a moral paradigm, a set of rituals and practices, and a sense of identity.  Typically, when a critic of religion advances a hypothesis about something that religion “causes,” he is shouted down … Continue reading

Church vs. Evolution and Homosexuality: Nothing New Under the Sun

  There’s nothing new about the struggle over gay marriage and evolution.  Fortunately, there will also be nothing new about the resolution to either struggle.  History has told us everything we need to know about how this will play out in the end. Both of these issues represent a continual pattern in which religious dogma … Continue reading

Anger at God: The Scientific Facts

Anger at God is a difficult phenomenon to quantify.  There are several limiting factors, including dogmatic stigma against admitting anger, which has been prevalent among theists in past research.  Additionally, there are definition issues when atheists and agnostics feel anger.  Can we discuss anger about God in the same study as anger at God?  Finally, there … Continue reading

More Lies About Homosexuals from the Religious Right

The Family Research Council has fired another salvo in the debate on legalizing same-sex marriage with the release of a new documentary that details the harm same-sex marriage can inflict upon a society. (LINK) Here we go again.  The “dangers” of same sex marriage.  Anybody want to take an over-under on how much unbiased science is going … Continue reading

Evolution’s Harsh Truth, and the Atheist’s Moral Imperative

Unlike many of the children who grow up today learning about the “conflict” between Creationism vs. Evolution, I grew up in a comfortable bubble where the two never saw eye to eye, but never drew swords.   In church, I was taught that humans were special, and in school, I was taught that all life … Continue reading

Muslims and Jews Agree: Let’s Abuse Animals

It’s a very bizarre example of how religious belief perpetuates and promotes evil in the name of good.  Jewish and Muslim representatives have put away their differences long enough to petition the Dutch government to continue allowing them to abuse animals as part of religious rituals. “We are against any form of stunning because it’s … Continue reading

NY Bishop Displays Bigotry and Ignorance About Marriage

Archbishop Timothy Dolan, of the New York Archdiocese, has penned a “defense of marriage” blog which deserves a point by point examination.  It’s so loaded with falsehoods, bigotry, and hate that I would be doing a disservice not to dissect it in detail.  (Read it in its entirety HERE.) The media, mainly sympathetic to this … Continue reading

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