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Married Man Sex Life Primer

Fellow blogger and web-acknowledged sex god Athol Kay has released his book, ‘Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011.”  I seldom recommend a book without reading it, but I feel comfortable at least suggesting that it’s worth giving a look.  I’m ponying up for the $20 new price at Amazon, and that should tell you something.  I’m a used book maniac.

Athol’s blog, Married Man Sex Life, is the only relationship blog on my links list, mainly because I think his approach to the idea of “Game” is the only balanced one I’ve seen.  He maintains his distance from the “All Alpha, All the Time” version of game espoused by “pickup artists” and recommends an empirical approach to committed relationships.

At the risk of giving away a punchline, Athol’s scheme for “having the marriage you thought you were going to have,” by which he means “doing it like rabbits” involves an appropriate mix of Alpha and Beta traits:

  • Alpha is what attracts women sexually.  It gets the nethers tingling.  It’s cocky, confident, aggressive, and for lack of a better word… “manly.”
  • Beta is what makes your lover into your best friend.  It’s the stuff the pickup artists tell you to stay far away from since it often consigns a suitor to the “Let’s Just Be Friends Penalty Box.”  It’s being sensitive and kind and generous and so forth, and it attracts women with that lovey dovey “Awwwww….” warm fuzzy feeling.  But not in the nethers.

Athol’s advice is generally spot on, and he is proud to have many testimonials crediting him with saving a dead or dying marriage.  I’m looking forward to his book, and will review it in detail once I’m done.




One thought on “Married Man Sex Life Primer

  1. Thanks Hamby. The Kindle version is out too and I have a $9.99 PDF download on the blog as well.

    Can send you a PDF if you want a review copy. Just yell 🙂

    Posted by Athol Kay: Married Man Sex Life | April 12, 2011, 8:38 pm

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